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"If you are looking for some serious body science to improve how you feel in your body through your workouts then I recommend you check out the Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center."
- Brian T.
Standard exercise programs often lead to restriction of natural rotational movement and promote unnatural muscular firing patterns, kinetic chain dysfunction and imbalanced muscle development, which can increase the potential for injury. 

General Fitness

Let us build a training program that gets you in the best shape to take on the challenges of life, feel great and look even better. Programs are full of all the right challenges to fit your needs and meet your goals. 

Strength Training

Get stronger the right way. Move better and get lean without causing problems for your body. We work on building strength by covering all major neurological patterns and movement systems. This leads to building muscle for function and movement without bulk.  

Weight Management

By itself, your weight on the scale tells us nothing useful regarding body science. Approach fat loss and muscle gain from a healthy body composition perspective. Done the right way, you should enjoy the process of bringing your body composition into focus. Once you get into shape it will be much easier to adopt and maintain long-term, healthy behaviors.  
Fitness Nutrition
Full Range Of Motion exercises are critical to achieve the greatest gains in muscular, fascia sling balance and neurological development. Rotational movement is the only way to achieve full range of motion yet the most popular workout programs contain little to no rotational movement. Rotation based training is the only way to attain practical, functional abilities. Cheetahfit attachments, equipment and exercises propagate the movements necessary to achieve full rotational range of motion.
Cheetahfit health coaching provides practical, relevant nutrition advice to correct major dietary mistakes and optimize training. Our clinical nutritionist provides on-phone coaching, restaurant experiential, parent and family nutrition counseling with detailed meal plans. 

Corrective Exercise

If your body is out of alignment for any reason, it can create chronic damage that prevents even basic movements. At Cheetahfit, we have the ability to identify problem areas and apply corrective techniques at the brain, neural and tissue level to effectively promote functional correction as part of every training program. 
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Therapeutic Exercise
Use exercise to address metabolic diseases, detoxification, musculoskeletal disorders, injury recovery, body control development and age related decline in general functioning. 
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Mind Body
The body is the vehicle for the mind. Increase your strength to withstand high daily stress while improving mind body awareness with our body control based training programs. 
Personal Training
  $85 - $125 per hour

Personalized Training

  Starts at $180 monthly
Group Training
$70 for the first person 
+ $10 each additional person


Our integrated, prescriptive training model meets people wherever they are physically. It progresses towards goals using a wide range of appropriate assessments with a comprehensive approach to functional movement, resistance training, flexibility and cardiorespiratory training. 

The Cheetahfit training model was created as a tool to deliver custom, individualized exercise programs built on a foundation of meaningful rapport and strong personal connection. As one of the most comprehensive training models in the industry, it provides insight to achieve everything from simple function to optimum health, fitness and elite performance.     

The difference in hourly pricing is based on overall client demand and trainer skill levels. All initial assessments and program oversight for every client is performed by head trainer Matt Hoskins.   


With this monthly membership program you get 1:1 sessions and program design from head trainer Matt Hoskins. First you choose how many days per week to workout. From there, each program package includes custom workouts for your needs, 1:1 personal training sessions plus scheduled workouts on your own in the facility.  

(Family and friend discounts are available on personalized training)


Get better results from a focused trainer versus a standard class/instructor format. This is a great program if you have friends, family or fellow athletes that want to get together and train as a group. Unlike classes, every part of each routine is custom designed to meet the needs of every individual in the group.  

The first step is an assessment...

What is the best exercise program for your unique needs and goals? Take the guesswork out. Turn the complexity of that question into a simple but powerful solution. 

Our initial $50 Assessment is your entry point, requires no obligation and answers all of the important questions. 

The goal of every assessment is to develop a focused plan. If you are expecting results from a gym or health club, get top personal training and cardio in a quality, private fitness center instead.   

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"Facility and team are the best in Boulder by far."
Mark T.
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