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Biomechanics of Human Performance
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Cheetahfit builds highly effective training programs for youth to pro athletes based on movement correction, biomechanical efficiency and high levels of transferability from the gym to performance factors. Lifting or running more without those elements is just spinning wheels working harder and not smarter and results in average performance far below genetic potential.

Athletes in sports we work with effectively include but are not limited to: football, swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, triathlon, martial arts, ultimate, soccer, cycling, distance running, golf, track and field, cross country, hockey, gymnastics, circus arts, cheer, dance and more.

Develop the whole spectrum of endurance, strength, strength endurance, speed, power, flexibility, agility, recovery ability, dynamic gait, stability and sports nutrition. A quality strength and conditioning program will build for the first time or enhance these qualities far beyond field or court practice sessions with the team. 

  • Train Smarter
  • Learn Sport Specific Exercises
  • Build Performance in the Off Season
  • Peak All Year Long
  • Stay Injury Proof 

"Matt Hoskins created a program to prepare me for NFL tryouts as an undrafted college player from KSU. He developed a highly effective explosive, strength and stability program specifically suited to my position. After working his program, I did so well in my tryout with the Indianapolis Colts, I not only made the team but also won a Super Bowl Ring my first season!"              
                                                                                                                 - Mike Brown
Masters athletes that have trained successfully to stay healthy and compete at the highest levels at Cheetahfit include the cross country world champion, 4x100m world champion, 800m world champion,  track cycling national champion, eight-time Olympic Rowing National Team member, Olympic Judo Team alternate, Olympic mogul and freestyle bronze medalist   
  • Individual athlete strength & conditioning 
  • Off-Season training plans
  • Team/small group training sessions @ Cheetahfit
  • Sport motion, strength and injury risk tests 
  • Injury & chronic pain recovery programs
  • College sports program requirement preparation
  • Development and testing of starting speed, top speed, deceleration, eccentric control, max power and advanced, jump, explosive plyometric, sport flexibility, eccentric platform, +
  • Sport specific key measurements: body composition, youth peak growth velocity to determine programming exposure, ape index, BMR, calorie need calculations based on specific daily energy demand fluctuations from training variations  

Why is Cheetahfit Different?

Just putting a young athlete on the field is not nearly enough to get them to the next levels or prevent orthopedic issues. Running without correction reinforces faulty gait, motion mechanics and creates many other performance problems. 

Without specific coaching from a trained expert, athletes rarely run, bike, jump, throw or swim efficiently by default. 

Top athletes need to be developed piece by piece in the context of a complete strength and conditioning plan. Every pro and collegiate athlete lives this reality. However, youth sport competitors and their parents engage in this critical element. 
Cheetahfit is one of the most effective training grounds available for athletes and parents who have the desire and recognize the need for real strength and conditioning to get better. 
"I have seen massive improvement in my explosiveness, speed and agility in both training and competition since training at Cheetahfit. You are getting the best treatment for your needs in both the gym and the massage table. 

I recommend this gym to people who are injured frequently and any athlete who feels like they have untapped potential keeping them from being where they want to be. Cheetahfit took me from being on a support team to winning a spot on the A-team and then winning the NCAA National Championship!"

Tommy Gebhardt, CU Mamabird Ultimate Team

Mamabird National Championship Video with Matt Hoskins as Strength Coach

“After just one summer working at Cheetahfit, I won the starting position over a senior in 2014. I came back stronger than ever, beating all of my previous lifting maxes. Matt has increased my ability as an athlete, making me more explosive and able to make plays all over the field. I even lead the team in interceptions from the defensive end position! 

Cheetahfit offers lots of equipment that my Division 1 weight room doesn't even have. Matt has gone over and beyond my expectations of a trainer. He helped evaluate and correct my running form and developed a workout regime that integrated all of my football workouts. I've had many personal football trainers in my years of football and Matt has proven himself the best and first that I've ever returned to."

Jack Madden
University of Pennsylvania Football
"I've been Cheetahfitting for about 3 months now and I can definitely feel a difference in my running speed, explosiveness and stability. I've been to many, many gyms but none are like Cheetahfit. The place has all the stuff you need, none of the stuff you don't need, and LOTS of high-end equipment you will never even see at your local gyms. I'm getting a professional workout every time I come here. "

Pawel Janas Mamabird Ultimate Team Captain
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