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Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center 5603 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit 5  Boulder, Colorado (303) 475-4578
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Massage: 303.638.5152
Training: 303.475.4578
"Cheetahfit has single-handedly redefined the notion of the local gym."
Cheetahfit is a beautiful center, always clean, welcoming and filled with great equipment for maximum results. When I walk in, makes me ready to train.
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Wow. Where to even start? So fun! I don't know why every fitness center doesn't offer this equipment and training style... Entertaining, challenging and I learned a ton!                                                                                          
Because of my training program, I have gained muscle size and strength, overall stamina and reversed my Osteopena condition in my 70's. After a dramatic loss in my bone density, I have experienced a remarkable overall increase of 19.9%! My doctor attributes this positive change to the effectiveness of my fitness program at Cheetahfit.    
I doubt I will ever go to a different gym, since I found Cheetahfit. Good personal trainers help you work on your goals, select routines that are appropriate for your condition, and provide knowledge about how to work with your special needs. The equipment and gym are the cleanest I have ever seen.
Review by Ken
Best Gym
Eliminated Osteopena
Review by Jane Barker
No more knee pain!
Review by Theresa Smith
Working out at Cheetahfit totally reversed my inability to carry a backpack due to arthritis. And no more knee pain when descending a mountain while hiking. Remarkable. Also, under the guidance of Matt and Dr. Dorninger, I lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. This is amazing with my low thyroid and insulin resistance. I am in awe. 
​Maximum Results
Review by Linda
Best of Boulder 
Personal training at its best; the latest equipment, small facility, great individual service based on what you need. Love this place!
Review by Dee Andrews
Dropped my Cholesterol Fast
Review by Chris V
When my workout program started, my cholesterol was so far over 300 that it was not even measurable. I followed all of the guidance with nutrition, exercise, body and life balancing. Without taking any medication, my cholesterol has dropped to 125. My good cholesterol has increased from 25 to 50 and my triglycerides dropped from 500 to 190! Two thumbs way up. 
I have seen massive improvement in my explosiveness, speed and agility in both training and competition since training at Cheetahfit. What also really sets this gym apart as more than is their complete commitment to your health.  You are getting the best treatment for your needs in both the gym and the massage table. Matt truly goes above and beyond for his clients and makes them feel like they have a friend and trainer they can trust to do what is necessary to get the job done. I recommend this gym to people who are injured frequently and anyone who feels like they have untapped potential keeping them from being where they want to be.
Above & Beyond
I Love This Gym
Review by Pawel Janas, CU Ultimate Team Captain/Mamabird
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Review by Tommy Gebhardt, CU Ultimate Team/Mamabird
Cheetahfit! I come several times a week to work out with my CU Ultimate Frisbee teammates, and there is no better place to work out. Matt Hoskins is our team strength coach and he caters to our every need. Very educated and has tons of experience. The Gym has equipment that I can not find anywhere else. Most importantly this place works. I have seen major improvements in my game. I am also more knowledgeable when it comes to sport health. This place is unique and I recommend it to everyone.
Top Level Athletes and Weekend Warriors Alike
- Boulder County Business Report
Boulder Daily Camera
Fitness With the Pros
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CU Ultimate Mamabird players finish up the conditioning season with team strength coach Matt Hoskins at Cheetahfit and head to the Division I Collegiate National Championships a #1 seed! 
CU Ultimate on track for a national title
CU Ultimate wins National Championship!
Congratulations on an awesome job winning the national title. Inspirational, focused job training, preparing and competing hard!
   $50  One-hour Fitness Plan Session with a Pro
Do you know how to work out? Really? Give us one hour. In that short a time, we guarantee a complete shift in how you see training and your "fitness." During your first hour we dig deep into where you are really at with expert analysis. That means preparing for you for any goal. Re-think what a fitness center, gym or health club should be. Check out what it means to personal train and receive massage at the best fitness center in Boulder!
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