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Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center 5603 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit 5  Boulder, Colorado (303) 475-4578
Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center
Training: 303.475.4578

Massage: 303.638.5152

"Cheetahfit has single-handedly redefined the notion of the local gym."    - Boulder County Business Report

  • Individual & team programs
  • Unlimited training solutions 
  • Software Motion Analysis

  • Easy to get started
  • Hundreds of custom exercises
  • All ability levels welcome
  • Personalized massage
  • Affordable monthly membership
  • Professional consultation​
Cheetahfit is a beautiful center, always clean, welcoming and filled with great equipment for maximum results. When I walk in, makes me ready to train.
   Personal Training
   Massage Center
   Sport & Active 
Powerful tools to 
reach your fitness and health target goals. 
60 Minute 
The Cheetahfit Massage Center is ideal for restoring balance.
Are you an athlete or just into your active lifestyle? Experience training results like never before with a Cheetahfit program.
 "Wow. Where to even start? So fun! I don't know why every fitness center doesn't offer this equipment and training style...Entertaining, challenging and I learned a ton!        "Fitness with the Pros" Daily Camera                                                                                           
Because of my training program, I have gained muscle size and strength, overall stamina and reversed my Osteopena condition in my 70's. After a dramatic loss in my bone density, I have experienced a remarkable overall increase of 19.9%! My doctor attributes this positive change to the effectiveness of my fitness program at Cheetahfit.    
1 per person
Latest + greatest of equipment. Unlike anything I have ever seen. Real life, total body workouts. Excellent trainer experience. 

Review by Theresa Smith
Beautiful elegant facility.
Eliminated Osteopena
Review by Jane Barker
No more knee pain!
Review by T
Totally reversed my inability to carry a backpack due to arthritis. And no more knee pain when descending a mountain while hiking. Remarkable. Also, under the guidance of Matt and Dr. Dorninger lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. This is amazing with my low thyroid and insulin resistance. I am in awe. 
Lost my belly
Review by Una Tone
​I play Viola on Broadway in New York. I came to Cheetahfit to get in shape for playing night after night in upcoming shows - The Lion King, Puss in Boots and a tryout with the Metropolitan Opera Company. In just two weeks of training, I lost 5 inches and 3% bodyfat. Absolutely amazing! My belly is gone and I feel great.
​Maximum Results
Review by Linda
Best of Boulder 
Personal training at its best; the latest equipment, small facility, great individual service based on what you need. Love this place!
Review by Dee Andrews
Highly Recommend Cheetahfit
Review by Helena Z
The facilities are clean, welcoming, pleasant with peaceful decor in four amazing massage rooms. When my massage session was over I felt extremely relaxed and refreshed. 
Dropped my Cholesterol Fast
Review by Chris V
When my workout program started, my cholesterol was so far over 300 that it was not even measurable. I followed all of the guidance with nutrition, exercise, body and life balancing. Without taking any medication, my cholesterol has dropped to 125. My good cholesterol has increased from 25 to 50 and my triglycerides have dropped from 500 to 190! Two thumbs way up.