Senior Fitness

"I love the atmosphere at Cheetahfit as well as all the staff I encounter there." 
 5 components of successful fitness programming at Cheetahfit include:

Aerobic Fitness – stimulates the cardiovascular system to improve circulation of oxygen in the blood, build lung capacity, maintain healthy weight and blood pressure.

Muscular Fitness & Grip Strength – stimulates growth of bone, muscle and daily functions.

Flexibility – alleviates stiffness, prevents injuries, improves balance and coordination, and makes it easier to engage in daily activities.

Balance, Posture and Core Strength – helps prevent falls and orthopedic issues.

Recovery – calibrates heart function to increase stroke volume, lower resting heart rate and strengthen the heart as a muscle.
Our Goal is teaching long term fitness plans that promote the ability to move freely for life!

Cheetahfit training goes beyond classes designed for a general group or workouts every client goes through one after another. We first perform a thorough assessment so we can meet each client right at their personal physical crossroads. Once we have a clear picture of your history and unique needs, we build a customized workout plan geared for success. 

  Our trainers will safely and effectively create a program specific to your needs with exercises to prevent muscle deterioration, improve bone strength and boost quality of life.

Cheetahfit is a very high quality private facility with full ADA access, private shower rooms and towel service. 

  • Maintain independence
  • Injury recovery
  • Strength
  • Weight loss
  • Training for specific activities
  • Pain relief
  • Hip mobility
  • Osteoporosis prevention

Some of the specific medical considerations addressed include cardiovascular and pulmonary concerns, obesity, arthritis and walking problems. We provide guidance, support and appropriate exercises that are well paced, stimulating, relaxing and easy to follow.

Studies show that with exercise, mature adults can increase muscular strength, remain active, prevent falls and injuries and live longer independently! 
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