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Petra Stredronova, LMT, CPT

“Structural Integration personally freed me from a life of chronic pain and opened my eyes to a new sense of being in my body, rather than just having a body. I became interested in learning the art of Structural Integration after receiving a 10 series treatment following a major car accident in 2002. Structural Integration method allowed me to find true balance and health in my body again. 
As a practitioner, I have gained deep understanding and passion for the body’s tendencies, releases and healing capabilities. Most people can benefit immensely from a Structural Integration Series as it is truly an awakening for both the mind and the body."

Petra Stedronova
“I’ve lived in Boulder for over twenty years and I’ve experienced some of the most talented Rolfing and massage therapists in the country in our community. I was highly impressed with Petra’s skills and knowledge with my first Rolfing session and immediately signed up for the entire ten-session series. She’s proven to be the best Rolfing specialist that I’ve ever experienced, combining a keen intuitive sense of how the body works with skillful touch and deep knowledge. She gets results and I highly recommend her services!"
Scott Smith
Dave Sheldon

The personal transformation Dave experienced after receiving a series of Rolfing treatments inspired him to attend classes at Boulder’s Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. He graduated in 2004 and has been in privet practice ever since. Dave has also had extensive training in Craniosacral and SourcePoint® Therapy, two styles of subtle energy medicine that help ease overactive or traumatized nervous systems.
While working, Dave strives to enhance alignment, balance, and ease of movement. His work is comfortable and safe, and, he follows a course of action that respects what the body has to share about its own healing. Most people meet with Dave to receive the classic Rolfing Ten Series, while others come in a few times seeking relief from a specific complaint.
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