With the creation of Cheetahfit, Matt brings all of his knowledge as a high performance athlete, trainer and business innovator into one place. This synthesis of knowledge and experience gives Boulder the opportunity to experience an advanced functional training facility built by one of the most effective trainers in the industry. 

Matt is the owner of the Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center in Boulder, a small local gym that does it all. He has spent over 20 years studying the health and fitness industry as a club manager, trainer and fitness center owner. As a coach and one of the top-three producing personal trainers in the world for 24 Hour Fitness here in Boulder, Matt has worked with Olympic, Collegiate and Professional athletes. He also effectively trains average people of all ages and abilities by designing fitness programs that work. 

Olympic Trials
Review by Lynn Foutch

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  “Matt Hoskins is a key element in helping me to obtain a position on the U.S.A. Women’s Marathon Olympic Team. He has integrated a program that has and continues to enhance self differentiation: the process of taking one’s own shape and staying in connection with the goal in mind. His expertise in the field of mind, body and sport is truly a gift to experience and one that will influence life changes. Individuals seeking a trainer with these qualities will definitely open the doorway to reaching their fullest human potential.” 
“Matt brings a uniquely intuitive understanding of the body in direct concert with the latest research involving fitness, strength, and movement, creating a new art form for training. He elevates it beyond the measurable parameters of testing speed, weights, and endurance. 

  By bringing his professional insight and expertise directly in alignment with the foundational principles of anatomy and musculoskeletal resilience, Matt specifically reeducates the body’s innate proprioceptive capacity to optimize its inherent potential, unwinding the habitual patterns that limit daily and athletic function, taking each person gradually out of compensatory adaptation towards a complete reorientation of the body’s full capacity.

  The outcome is enhanced performance, reduced injury rate, and unequivocal improved functional prowess. Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Matt and Cheetahfit to all my patients, friends and families.”

                                                                        Dr. Mitch Peritz
Matt Hoskins
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Toby Dawson

The U.S. Olympic Ski Team Strength Coach sent Toby “Awesome” Dawson to train with me for his upcoming World Cup events and the Torino Olympic Games. Toby came in with a severe leg fracture and out of the World Cup Rankings. I set up a program that was highly suited to his corkscrew style on the moguls. The regime was designed to take his training right up to the Olympic Games. 

Eight months into my training program, Toby was featured on the cover of Outside magazine with the title: “Top Three Conditioned Athletes on the Planet.”  For the article, he was evaluated by the Boise State Physiology Department that tested the results of the core, cardio, explosion and flexibility program I had designed for him. After completing the full program in 2006, Toby shocked the world. 

He beat out the worlds best Mogul/Freestyle skiers, including standout Jeremy Bloom from the University of Colorado, to capture the Olympic Bronze medal in dramatic fashion.
He became a Korean national hero being given a parade and the keys to Seoul. He is currently coaching the South Korean skiers and aided Pyeonchangs effort to win the 2018 Olympic bidding. He continues to help with preparations for the nations first winter Olympics.           

Matt Hoskins

Current CSU High Jump Record Holder
• Collegiate Basketball Scholarship
• 5 School Records Bear Creek High School
2x CHSAA Pentathlon State Champion
• CHSAA Track & Field State Champion
High School Cross Country School Record; CSU XC     course record
NJCAA 4x Conference Track & Field Champion
25’6 – 1985 #2 National Ranking all Collegiate              Long Jumpers
54’2 Triple Jump
17’3 Pole Vault
13.4 110m High Hurdles
10.2 100m
3:59 Mile
7750 Decathlon
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