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This is our signature service. We have an amazing team of certified, expert trainers who are skilled career professionals. Experience the difference yourself.
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Making fitness mistakes? Let us design your complete program then you do supervised workouts. Work much smarter in the gym for your goals at an affordable price! 

“Whether you are an athlete, plagued by pain or simply want to get your body 
into top shape, Cheetahfit is THE place to do it."     
- Ronan M. 
“Cheetahfit helped me get into the best shape of my life within a few short months. They have a state-of-the art facility, I LOVE working out with them and look forward to it. I get so much more in terms of results in a short time  form my workouts versus other gyms."            - Leah C.
Private shower rooms, towel service, organic shower products, Bose and Denon sound systems, natural lighting, private fitness park, handicap access and central Boulder location.   
Get your young athlete to the next level the right way with expert guidance for strength & conditioning, technique correction, body composition and biomechanics. 
“I get massages frequently. This is the best I have ever gotten. Amazing. Worth every cent."
- John S.
We focus on motor development, pediatric exercise physiology, growth-related differences in abilities, youth based training methods, cardio, nutrition, well being and weight management.
Keep your biological age low by engaging in a professional exercise program. Maintain or reverse bone loss and reduce body fat while increasing energy, balance, brain function and strength. 
“Cheetahfit has been great for my 14 year old daughter. She was referred there by a doctor because she has unusual back issues that cause constant, intense pain. It has been 8 months now and not only has her pain level decreased, but she truly enjoys the sessions. I can confidently recommend Cheetahfit for both youth fitness and massage."   
- Zori G.
"Because of my training program, I have gained muscle size and strength, overall stamina and completely reversed my Osteopena condition in my 70's. After a dramatic loss in bone density, I have experienced a remarkable overall bone density increase of 19.9%! My doctor attributes this positive change to the effectiveness of my fitness program at Cheetahfit."        
- Jane B.
Ready to get started on a better training plan?

Contact Cheetahfit Now
 “Matt Hoskins is a key element in helping me to obtain a position on the U.S.A. Women’s Marathon Olympic Team. His expertise in the field of mind, body and sport is truly a gift to experience and one that will influence life changes. Individuals seeking a trainer with these qualities will definitely open the doorway to reaching their fullest human potential.”    
- Lynn F.
The first step to train at Cheetahfit is schedule a $75 assessment. 
This helps us determine fixes and goals for your best program. 
We go beyond simple fitness routines to fix function and form.  
Results from 10 Weeks of corrective exercise with head trainer Matt Hoskins.
"For the last 2 years I have had severely debilitating and constant hip pain. After only 8 corrective training sessions, I am no 
longer limping and can climb stairs again. I also was not able to raise my hand to shoulder height without extreme pain. 
Now I can reach overhead no problem - pain free. Amazing.    
- Nancy G.

"Working out at Cheetahfit totally reversed my inability to carry a backpack due to arthritis. No more knee pain 
when descending a mountain while hiking! Remarkable. Also, I lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 
9 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. This is amazing with my low thyroid and insulin resistance.   
- Theresa S.


Concerned physical therapy and time are not enough to build a strong body for a successful return to your favorite activities or sport?

 We create total body training programs for full recovery and return to sport strength both during and after physical therapy. 

"Cheetahfit has single-handedly redefined the notion of the local gym."  
- Boulder Business Report
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