cairn project

The Cheetahfit Cairn Project surmounts financial impediments to participation, ensuring that physically or financially challenged individuals are not left behind because they can’t afford the cost of qualified expertise and guidance.

The project provides an opportunity for sponsors to support non-athletic and athletic individuals financially to achieve their goals and transform their lives. 
Cair project
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The Cairn Project is a commercial co-venture sponsorship program. It serves to connect individuals to life-changing services that would otherwise be unavailable to them in Boulder, Colorado. The Project reviews and places nominated individuals that demonstrate a need and a genuine willingness to receive and thrive but are missing the key ingredients of guidance, expert information, accountability and discretionary income afforded to individuals of means.

CU Ultimate Family

  “We are CU’s Men’s Ultimate team. Officially, we’re just one of 32 club sports teams on campus. But we are more than just a team. Every year we get more competitive and become a stronger family. We recognize that in order to stay competitive in the future, it is our duty to develop all the players that come through our program. We are meritocracy. Many of us played ultimate in high school. Others haven’t played at all. It doesn’t matter. Once you join us, all that matters is your performance, not your history.
  We are committed to the ultimate community in Colorado as many of us played Colorado high school ultimate. In 2014, we put on the first annual Birds of a Feather hat tournament for high-school players. In addition, many of us coach and run clinics in the summer as part of the Grass Roots Ultimate Program for Youth and also play on local Club teams.  We are the flock."

In keeping with the Cairn Project mission, Cheetahfit has developed a program initiative and partnerships that can grow over time and make the largest possible impact in four core areas: 
1. Personal Empowerment
2. Body Transformation
3. Physical Recovery
4. Preparation for personal achievement

Program Description

The Cairn Project provides individuals high value 1:1 sessions with qualified experts, in addition to resources and opportunities. The project covers a wide variety of needs. From an athlete with potential to win a college scholarship to a cancer survivor in need of therapeutic massage on a regular basis to regain health, we can be there to provide support. Financial support enables all of these individuals to take valuable, informed steps towards health and achievement in their lives to realize their dreams. 

Imagine you are hiking along a mountain trail. At critical junctures, you are guided along and kept from wandering or being lost by rock Cairns. If we follow the Cairn and go to the left we may be saved from mistakenly going right and being hopelessly lost in the wilderness. We always feel a sense of relief when we come upon a Cairn knowing that it means we are on the right path following its direction. 
This is the spirit of the project. Our experts are Cairns giving direction to individuals committed to a meaningful life trek filled with accomplishment. Matt Hoskins, founder of Cheetahfit and the Cairn Project says, “Cheetahfit, hand in hand with our partners, is proud to offer resources and guidance in such a meaningful, high impact way. The strength of our business is bringing those who work with us not only into balance but to ignite their ability to transform themselves into a positive force in life.” 

Our financial support from contributions aligns with the flagship initiative in order to have the greatest possible impact on individuals in the community. The Cairn Project unites people, ideas, expertise and resources to advance the common good and concentrates on helping people of all ages, in every stage of their lives.


Sponsored individuals that have reached their goals become spokespersons. They motivate and inspire others to participate in the project or to simply follow similar steps on their own. Cairn project spokespersons may participate in exhibitions and speaking engagements at schools, youth groups, community service groups, athletic clubs, and corporations or through online videos. Through their testimony and their personal example, they will instill hope in others. 


To be a recognized leader in a movement through which challenged individuals are provided with the tools, support and guidance they require to achieve life-transforming goals. 
To have a great and significant impact on each individual involved in the project; and
To reach out to the community by providing inspiration, awareness and mentoring.
Cair project


 1.Through our own search network and qualified submissions from the community, we gather candidates that may be granted sponsorship for life transforming services. 

2. From the pool of pre-screened candidates, our Sponsorship Advisory Board evaluates each candidate based on their story, purpose and commitment as well as life changing potential if they are successful. 

3.From there, our board finalizes the selections process and notifies Cheetahfit every month whom 
from that month’s request pool of legitimate causes is to receive funding support from sponsor contributions, how much and in which key areas.

4. Potential sponsors may also visit to view approved individuals and make donations that will be specifically used for that candidate. 

5. Based on their support, sponsors will directly receive gifts and service discounts. 
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